Nice to meet you!

There are two reasons why you landed on this page:

  • it was an accident
  • you are curious to know more about us

We are Leonardo and Gloria, a brother and sister who share a passion for mechanics, which was inherited from our father, Luciano.

Some people may think that being the children of an entrepreneur is an advantage and, in some ways, it is, especially when you consider the wealth of experience and skills that are passed down to us every day.

We felt the need to demonstrate to ourselves that, even with an initial “advantage” we would be able to start our own business and make it grow with us.

16 years have passed since that December 3, 2002 when we set up G01 and along the way we have encountered many storms and obstacles and learnt many lessons. We are here today to talk about them with our products, with the many things that we know how to do well, so that we can distinguish ourselves in a world increasingly conformed to a standard and allow our customers to stand out from their competitors.