Are you looking for someone to precision machine parts made by you?
Do you need to create prototypes and samples in hard-to-machine materials
Or are you looking for an ad hoc machine, custom designed and configured to meet your production specifications and to make your activity more efficient?

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Mechanics is a passion, a mission that we have inherited from our father, Luciano Gasparini. We are extremely privileged to have him as our mentor and we proudly create highly technological projects and products, each of which has solid roots in his life experience.

The G01.com company represents the return of the Gasparini family in the construction of machine tools for sheet metal forming. It was essentially born out of the passion for the family and the people who are part of it.
Although it was started in the early 2000s, the company has a rich heritage of experience and expertise which makes it a leader in the field of machining, design and construction of machine tools.
The G01.com family includes highly qualified personnel, a team of technicians with extensive knowledge in all fields, such as hydraulics, mechanics, electronics and software. These are the real strengths of the company that guarantee excellent products and support.