Traditional Press side frameGBS Side frame

New structural concept
The GBS structure is composed by:

  • 2 closed ring movable side guides;
  • 1 movable top beam
  • 1 fi xed lower beam.

This guarantee the structural rigidity. Movement of the two side guides: during bending phase, the top beam, the side guides and cylinders are perfectly aligned.

High and costant bending precision
The structure allows the use of ball screw guides to guarantee an extended lifetime to the machine.

Eliminating the disalignment of the pushing axis (typical on the traditinal press brakes), allows the total elimination of the structural deflections.

New structure free from encumbrances
Front and rear side of machine free from encumbrances.

Free from encumbrance, fixed and perfectly aligned with the side guides, the top beam slides on 8 ball bearing thus allowing:

  • total elimination of friction;
  • constant precision of movement during descent;
  • constant positioning precision over entire cylinder
  • high approaching speed.

GBS’s strong points are:

Constant movement precision of the descent and positioning over the complete stroke.

Reliability – Machine lifetime substantially estended.

Modular stroke of top beam – This new type of structure offers the possibility to have bigger strokes of the beam, according to customer’s specific need (up to 1000 mm).

Versatility – The upper part of the structure being free from encumbrances allows to bend or rollform big size plates (example) deep and closed boxes) keeping still material handling easy or offering the possibility to use cranes to lift real heavy parts.

Eco compatible

From ideationto realization

Back gauges
The press brake has been studied to guarantee maximum positioning precision and repeatibility of the piece to bend.
The back gauge fingers are moved by means of ground racks and equipped with backlash recovery thanks to the use of brushless motors of the latest generation.
The Z1-Z2 axes have been designed to offer the maximum modularity which allows the possibility to add options such as pneumatically retractable rear supports (useful to hold the part read y to be bent) and the X5-X6 axes for oblique bends.
All back gauges run on ball screw guides; this guarantees maximum solidity and reliability in the long term.
The axes Y1 – Y2 – X – R are entirely managed by the CNC.

Back gauge axis X – R – Z1 – Z2
The stroke and positioning of the axes are equal to the bending length (in the traditional press brakes such stroke is limited by the side frames).

Safety CE
The press brake GBS/GBS-R are produced in accordance to CE safety standards and are equipped with:

  • Laser beam light guards model DSP or LAZER SAFE;
  • Emergency pushbuttons with immediate stop of the top beam movement when pressed;
  • Safety PLC which allows a runtime scan from 1 to 10 ms;
  • Hydraulic group complete with monitored valves.

Eco-compatibility and comfort
On request it is possible to position the hydraulic group and electrical cabinet separate from the machine itself (thus making machine even more free from encumbraces), thus achieveing:

  • elimination of environmental noise;
  • major “comfort” for the operator

GBS-R the automation applied to the new bending concept

The range of the press brakes GBS-R has been designed and made with the possibility of being used by the operator (through use of back gauges) or through ntegration in a robotized cell.

Handling and bending
The execution of small parts has always been a problem; thanks to the loading and clamping systems (see G-LOADER and G-CLAMP) it is possible to achieve automatically bends on very small parts which, before, were possible only manually.

Reduced cycle time
The GBS-R bending cell, assures high productivity by executing pieces with very low cycle time compared to operator’s manual use.


New generation clamps
In a bending cell clamps are another important part; thanks to the G-Clamp system it is possible to hold and manipulate small dimension and irregular pieces achieving results hardly possible through normal bending process.

Positioning precision
The G-Clamps guarantees maximum holding and accompanying of the piece during bending phase allowing the possibility to take advantage of the speed, acceleration and precision of the robot. Such precision allows the possibility to use the press brake without back gauge.

The G-Clamps are studied and made according to customer’s specific bending request.

The loader represents an important part of the bending cell; taken this into consideration, has designed a range of loaders namely G-Loader A4, A3, A2 and A1.
The loaders have been specifi cally studied to load very small pieces.
Exclusivities of the G-LOADER are:

  • Possibility to load small size pieces;
  • Piece reset in a reduced cycle time;
  • Easy confi guration and customization;
  • Reduced set up time of the machine;
  • No need of maintenance;
  • 100% repeatability.