The small MINI GP press brake maintains all main features of the bigger range of press brakes and is available in two models: MINI GP 515 and MINI GP 815 both with possibility of CNC.

Its small size makes it suitable for small spaces and especially for all companies that fold small parts with more or less important thicknesses.

Adjustment of the angle desired during bending phase while under pressure.

User friendly
Standard version with possibility to adjust easily parallelism, BDC and bending angle (complete with gauge indicator).


  • CNC control to program automatically bending angle and
    X1-X2 axes position;
  • “R” axes pneumatic with 3 positions;
  • Intermediate clamps sized to achieve various type of boxes;
  • Front support arms in standard version or with rules and/or protractor.


The mini GP press brakes are CE approved.
It is equipped with emergency buttons which allow the immediate stop of the lower beam.

Robust and compact structure

The main structure of the machine is composed by the frame and the monolithic “gooseneck” which are rigidly fixed to each other.
The electrical cabinet is also mounted to the machine frame.
The top beam (fixed) and the hydraulic components which activate the lower beam are mounted to the “gooseneck” structure.
The lower beam is mounted on proper self-lubricating guides.
The whole structure has been designed and manufactured after reasearch of the best rigidity and indeformability of the parts.
All components have been properly sized and checked to guarantee a high level of reliability during machine lifetime

as well as resistance to stress which normally these machines can undergo.

User Friendly

Alla comands have been conceived to guarantee a simple use from the first bend.
Bending angle: it is possible to position/adjust the bending angle needed istantaneously during bending phase by means
of a handwheel easily accessible by the operator.

The basic version is equipped with indicators for Y and X positions which make the use of the machine become also practical.

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