Welding is the process that allows the physical/chemical bonding of two metal parts by melting them where they meet, or by flowing a filler metal into the joint.

Depending on the requirements, materials and size, we offer two types of welding processes:

  • Laser welding: suitable for small parts;
  • MIG welding: suitable for larger parts.

Laser welding

Laser welding is a special welding technique used to join multiple pieces of metal using a laser. The beam offers a concentrated heat source allowing thin and deep weld seams, and high aspect ratio welds.

MIG Welding

MIG welding is a process in which a continuous solid wire electrode is heated and fed into the weld pool. The process is protected by a shielding gas which flows from the welding gun onto the workpiece. The fact that it is a continuous wire ensures high productivity, and at the same time the presence of gas allows to operate without slag.
MIG welding is one of the most common welding methods and guarantees high-quality joints.