One of the first objectives of a manufacturer of automated machines, including suction cups, is the simplification of the project, economic convenience and high reliability of the machine.

Machines or tools equipped with suction cups must be able to offer ease of use and low maintenance.


The VCV can meet these needs and more.
The VCV encompasses three concepts, which until now could not be combined within the same valve.


The Auto-Selection Valve is necessary especially if you have to frequently change the arrangement of the active suction cups according to the size or position of the object to be lifted. This is because the suction cups that are not completely involved in the lifting process automatically exclude themselves without the need for manual taps, solenoid valves managed by PLC or other more complex solutions to be created and maintained.


The Auto-Selection Valve, although compact, comes with two-stage venturi technology and a special valve that automatically excludes the venturi supply if the suction cup is not in “grip.”

To reduce the “grip release” times on large suction cups, a second version of the auto-selection valve has been designed which generates a blowing action to speed up the detachment of the suction cup from the workpiece.

The Auto-Selection Valve is perfect for feeding one or more suction cups depending on the case.


Imagine designing a loader consisting of numerous suction cups. A solenoid valve would have to be applied to each suction cup, with the relative electric cables to control them and a PLC to manage them.

Since the Auto-Selection Valve is controlled pneumatically, there is no need for electric cables or PLCs or manual taps.

The same valve, in addition to creating a venturi effect, also automatically excludes itself if the suction cups are not in grip, thus generating an evident saving of air. The air supply is all that is needed to have the same functionality of a system consisting of dozens of meters of electric cables and PLCs. All this means lower costs.

Maintenance costs are minimized since there are fewer components and the auto-selection valves installed are completely mechanical, and therefore have operating cycles with very high repeatability.